Four Wonderful Home Remedies for Loose Motion

Are you in great problem of passing watery stool frequently? It’s a symptom of diarrhea. Many people take loose motion casually but you should not, as this can be a life threatening condition. Diarrhea is characterized by frequent loose motion sometime accompanied by abdominal colic.Only doctor can find the exact cause of problem and prescribe suitable medicine. Here I will tell you on some effective home remedies for loose motion that can be used primarily.

symptom of diarrhea
symptom of diarrhea

Pashan Ved (Kalanchoe pinnata Pers)

This plant is extremely easy to grow indoor or outdoor. Usually this plant grows not taller than two feet. Leaves are thick fleshy and full of juice. This is probably the most powerful home remedies for loose motion. Apart from controlling diarrhea it has many therapeutic uses.

Kalanchoe pinnata
Kalanchoe pinnata

Juice of its leaf has the ability to check blotting of stomach, loose motion and abdominal colic instantly. This is a one of the highly effective home remedies to control abdominal colic in children.


Pluck two leaves and crush using a food processor, extract the juice. To check loose motion you need a teaspoon full of its juice. Heat the juice little bit on fire and mix small amount of sugar in it after it cool down. Drink a teaspoon full of this mixture three times in a day at four hours interval. If you are

Oral electrolyte Works Well

During loose motion our body gets dehydrated that means your body losses water along with vital elements like salts. To sustain natural balance or mineral and fluid you have to use oral electrolyte.

Prepare a solution of three parts sugar or glucose and one part of table salt, mix it with one litter of water and drink a cup of this solution every two hours. If loose motion is too frequent then drink it an hour interval. If you want you can get some readymade electrolyte from medical store.


Pomegranate Skin

Pomegranate seed has a digestive property and the skin of this fruit works well as a home remedies for diarrhea in controlling loose motion. In this case you have to add some honey with it. So just make a fine paste of three grams of pomegranate fruit skin and half teaspoon full of pure honey. Have it when the symptoms arise. This preparation works both for acute and chronic diarrhea.

Mango Bark

Mango can delight your mouth but do few people know that the bark of mango tree is a great herbal medicine to treat profuse loose motion. The method is little bit complicated but I hope you can manage it with little effort. To make it first you have to cut the surface of its bark. You don’t need it. Cut some more, you need some skin just under the bark. I expect you know how to make curd. So prepare milk and put some of the skin you have collected in slightly warm milk and make curd. Remember this is a secret medicine used by old school ayurvedic practitioners and tantriks. If you can have this curd every day for just fifteen days you will never suffer from loose motion.

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)

This is a medicinal plant, very often found in South Asia kitchen. Centella asiatica has many local names like Gotu kola, Thankuni and others. This has a special ability to check loose motion instantly. Extract a teaspoon full of juice of its leaves and deep a red hot iron-made wire or stick in it for a second. According to folk traditional medicinal practice touch of red-hot iron kills bacteria and other micro organisms. You should have to take a teaspoon full of Gotu kola leaf juice every three hours. Hopefully loose motion will be stopped instantly after second application. This is another highly effective home remedies for loose motion after Pashan Ved.

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