7 Benefits of Swimming Most People Don’t Know

The foremost benefit of swimming is that it’s a survival technique. Being an adventurous sport it builds endurance and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Swimming is a natural ability of many animals and human. Floating, balancing and breathing in water are the three key aspects of swimming. It saves your life from accidental drowning.

Unilateral  Breathing
Unilateral Breathing

In sport there are few styles like breast stroke, back stroke, free style. Among all these styles free style is most popular. Many people like open water swimming. Free style swimming is basically used in long distance open water swimming competition.

One can start to learn this survival technique from the age of five. After twenty days of practice under an experienced trainer kid can swim with easy. Now look at some benefits of swimming.

Breathing technique is very important. There are two different breathing techniques in free style swimming. You can breathe from either right or left side. This is called unilateral breathing. Some swimmers breathe from both sides in a rhythmic way. It’s called bilateral breathing. Maintaining rhythmic movements of hands and legs are important at the same time. This may take little time to cop up with the proper swimming technique.

Swimming is a kind of low intensity exercise. It’s great for making friends and fun too. You should not try to learn swimming alone. At the beginning you should learn it from an expert swimmer who offers training in a safe aquatic environment. Now I will tell you about some benefits of swimming.

Refresh Your Body and Mind

Swimming cools down your body. It increases blood flow to different parts our body. Swimming in summer season is so much refreshing for us.

Increases Flexibility

Swimming in proper way increases flexibility of muscle tissue and bone joints. It’s a nice low impact exercise.

Swimming is Good for Lung

Regulated breathing with rhythmic body parts movement strengthens lung and respiratory system. It’s said that it is very helpful for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory dysfunction.

Swimming Strengthen Heart

It’s an aerobic exercise. This low impact free hand exercise increase blood flow throughout the body including heart. It keeps your heart pumping little more than average as long you are swimming. As a result swimming strengthen heart.

Swimming relieves Muscle and Joint Pain

Swimming is a great way to heal light muscle or joint pain. Beside cooling your body it increases inner temperature of tissue, as a result it can be beneficial to heal muscle strain.

Make Friends

Swimming is an adventurous sport. Most people like to swim together. It’s a pleasant way to introduce yourself to others. It helps to make companion.

Naturally cure Indigestion

It’s a traditional belief that swimming in the early morning in river can permanently cure any type of indigestion problem. This practice may boost your immunity system too.


Nobody should try to learn swimming alone, without a professional.

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